Plumbing Service in Christchurch

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Plumbing Service

Plumbing service in Christchurch

We can sort out almost all domestic plumbing problems whether it is a minor weeping joint to fitting a new bathroom suite we can do it. Please note,  we do not do any work on any gas appliances or any gas related work.

If you have a plumbing problem we are here to help, please get in Contact or phone 01202 798748.

Typical plumbing jobs include


We can design and fit a new bathroom for you to suit you. Below are some examples of the bathrooms we have completed.


  • Dripping shower mixer
  • Does your shower keep dripping when you have turned the control fully off
  • Shower control thermostat not working correctly
  • Shower control is getting difficult to turn and adjust
  • Shower control is leaking

Whether it’s an exposed or a recessed mixer shower control we can get spares to repair most of the major brands, Bristan, Ghrone, Gainsbourgh, Mira and some other makes.


We can help with all aspects of toilet repair including: flush not working properly, overflowing toilets, leaking toilets and replacing toilet seats. 


  • We can fix dripping taps
  • We can fix sticking taps
  • We can replace worn taps

We can also repair some of the major brand taps subject to being able to identify the make and model of your tap and the availability of the spare parts for that tap.

If we cannot identify the tap or cannot get spare parts we can replace your tap.

If your taps have become outdated, tired looking or the plating has been damaged we can replace the taps with a more a modern style to revive the look of your existing Sink, Basin and Bath.

Below is a sample of the taps we can offer.

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